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I'm a Song Writer and Producer of my own album of original Gospel songs. If you believe you can, in anyway, collaborate with me, please drop me a line.


I love composing songs of a variety of genres like, Jazz, Ballad, Country, Montuno, Bossa Nova.


Below are some of my unpublished U.S. copy-righted songs in raw mp3 files (i.e. Not sung and not professionally recorded and mixed-down in a production house yet). However, vocals are being recorded now, one at a time. They'll be sung in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Spanish.


I'm looking into the mega Chinese market as the Christian population is growing very fast there!

Song 1:            

Song 2_AmMixed:            

Song 3:            

Song 3_Piano:            

Song 4:            

Song 5:            

Song 5_Violin:            

Song 5_Violin_DemoMaster:            

Song 6:            

Song 7:            

Song 7_Violin:            

Song 7_Violin:            

Song 7_Violin:            

Song 8_AMixed:            

Song 9:            

Song 10_Sax&Guitar:            

Song 10_Jazz:            

Song 10_SaxV1:            

Song 10_SaxV2:            

Song 10_SaxV3:            

Song 10_SaxV4:            

Song 10_SaxV5:            

Song 11:            

Song 12:            

Song 13:            

Song 14:            

Song 15:            

Song 16:            

Song 17:            

Song 18_AmMixed:            

Song 18 Demo:            

Song 19:            

Song 20:            

Song 21:            

Song 22:            

Song 22_Sax:            

Song 23:            

Song 23_Sax:            

Song 24 The Lord's Prayer:            

Song 24 The Lord's Prayer_A Key:            

Song 25:            

Song 26:           

Song 27_Mixed:            

Song 28_Mixed:            

Song 29_Mixed:            

Song 30_Mixed:            

Blessed Birthday, Terry            


Dr Pierre CHENXU