1) Are your lessons suitable for folks like me with zero musical knowledge?

Ans: Yes, absolutely! I will start from the basics with an emphasis on fundamentals and techniques with music theory and practices. You'll even get to learn a few simple songs as a motivation.


2) Who are the instructors?

Ans: I'll be your instructor to teach you all from my personal experience as a musician of over 30 years.


3) How long will it take for me to be able to play the Ukulele or Folk Guitar?

Ans: If you just want to learn to strum the Ukulele or Folk Guitar and sing, it may take you only about 10 weeks of a 1-hour lesson per week with me. If you wish to learn to play the piano, it will take a much longer time. By the way, I don't teach piano.
Irrespective of Ukulele or Guitar that you wish to take up, if you are more progressive and wish to learn how to build and/or create good chord progression for songs, you will need about 40-50 weeks of an hourly lesson.


4) If I'm already a classical pianist, can I take your lessons?

Ans: Yes, absolutely! If you have been taught only how to read the standard musical notations, I'll be teaching you chord names, how chords are formed, how and where to apply them in a song's chord progression and how to substitute, build and create chord progression. This knowledge is essential to playing pop music.


5) If I'm a song writer, can I take your lessons?

Ans: Yes, absolutely! If you have been relying on other musicians to help build and create your own song's chord progression, taking up these lessons from me will enable you to perform this role conveniently all by yourself.


6) How do I book your lesson?

Ans: Please click here to enrol by completing the form and make your payment for the first month via Paypal.


7) What's your online Lesson fee or 1-to-1 Lesson fee?

Ans: For online lessons the fee is SGD37 to enjoy as a member for 1 year where you can learn everything on this web site, and ask me questions via email. <

You can also enrol monthly at SGD9 only! If you then wish after the first month to enrol for the full year, you'll pay SGD28 only (i.e. less your SGD9)

For 1-to-1 lessons the fee is SGD47 an hour. If you bring a friend to take the lesson together with you I'll offer you and your friend each a discount of 20%. So, you and your friend will each pay only SGD37.60 per 1-hour lesson.


Dr Pierre CHENXU